Independent film is a change agent for advocacy, empowerment, and community. By creating stories that represent real-world issues and underrepresented narratives, storytelling can illuminate and elevate simultaneously.

Designed by Preeti is a film about a South Asian Woman’s heroic journey of standing up to social stigmas and domestic violence and recognizing her strength. The story unfolds through a South Asian immigrant lens but is universal to any woman who has triumphantly left a toxic environment and reclaimed her power and happiness.

The film’s heroine, Preeti, travels from abuse to empowerment while rebuilding her relationship with her young daughter and bridging the generational gap through music and design. At the end of the film, both are transformed for the better. This is a story of resilience and relationships between an immigrant mother and an American daughter of an immigrant.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “In the United States, more than 10 million adults experience domestic violence annually. If each of these adults experienced only one incidence of violence, an adult in the US would experience violence every three seconds. However, because domestic violence is a pattern, many experience repeated acts of abuse annually, so an incident of abuse happens far more frequently than every three seconds.”

Raising awareness and advocating against Domestic Violence is essential. Your support for this film ensures the film’s impact goal of community outreach and advocacy.

Producer Rashmi Rustagi has partnered with NARIKA, and MAITRI to raise awareness for their dedicated work in rebuilding the lives of domestic violence survivors. Along with supporting Narika, the film aims to launch community engagement to help counter and prevent domestic violence.

By supporting this film, you contribute to its impact goal of community outreach and advocacy, allowing it to reach a wider audience and spark conversations about domestic violence.